Water EC

Insight in water quality of surface and ground water

It has never been easier to collect and measure water quality.
We are proud to present Water EC, a sensor measuring water temperature and pollution.

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Measuring where it matters

An increasing number of municipalities and (local) governments are dealing with new obligations and requirements to measure water quality and temperature.

Water EC is the solution to collect and share insights into water quality. Built on open standards, the data can be presented as national open data, providing transparency and inclusivity to citizens and innovative companies.

Water EC is a co-operation project between Civity and SODAQ.

The Water EC data is automatically stored into the Civity CIP Dataplatform.

How it works

The Water EC sensor is highly energy efficient and runs independently on the built-in solar panel. Being able to connect to NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa and 2G networks, it operates fully autonomous and sends (near) real-time water data continuously.

The Water EC data is automatically stored into the Civity CIP Dataplatform and presented in a dashboard. Due to the Open data standards, the data is available for publication and easy integration into any 3rd party application.

The sensor is multifunctional: in addition to conductivity it also transmits water temperature and GPS data.

Advantages of Water EC

The Water EC sensor easily solves the demands posed on municipalities, public organisations and companies to measure water quality.

  • Temperature
    In practice, many local governments are interested to offer real time water temperature measurements in open water within their boundaries. Water EC does the job automatically.
  • Pollution
    Water EC measures the water quality. It detects pollution and can help track possible sources of contamination.
  • Data Insights
    Collected data presents insight through the Water EC Dashboard. It provides some primary data analyses, simplifies information management and allows exchange of data.

The Water EC sensor

The sensor within Water EC is developed by SODAQ in cooperation with The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. It is successfully used in the Netherlands by the national Police Waterschap Zuiderzeeland (“Water Authority”) and the RIVM (National Environment -Air and Water quality- Institute).

In this video the Dutch Police explains this project:


Click here for an overview of the Water EC features.

Civity supports open data and standards

This is also what led us to be involved with FIWARE from its early days. We believe cooperation is necessary to stimulate innovation. Openness is a precondition for reuse and scalability. Water EC is based on these principles and provides you with the necessary guarantees regarding openness.


A central component for consolidating and analysing data in a data platform is called the Context Broker. The Context Broker is capable of consolidating data from various different IoT devices – such as the WaterQ sensor – and contextualising the data to meaningful information. 
The CIP Context Broker is based on the global and open FIWARE NGSI v2 API specifications. It is available as a digital building block to anyone interested in developing high-quality services in a fast and easy manner. 
The Context Broker consists of open-source software components, documentation, reference implementations and support services, which are offered for free by the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program. Read more in this article by CEF Digital.

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