Working at Civity

Civity employs developers, data-scientists and urban planners with a passion for the public sector, the city and data. In an open and transparent working atmosphere we work daily on the success and ambitions of our clients.

We are open, honest and sincere

We are honest and sincere and able to listen to what the customer wants, always keeping in mind the common goal of organisations, citizens and cities. Of course, we also listen to each other in order to find the best solution together. We appreciate and encourage receiving and giving feedback. That keeps us on our toes. 

We are curious and eager to learn

At Civity, we are driven by content and fascinated by the smart city concept and the possibilities that data offer in solving urban issues. We find technology particularly interesting, but always at the service of the city’s inhabitants, companies and visitors. We are curious about new possibilities, solutions and partners and are eager to learn and continuously improve ourselves. So that we continue to exceed expectations.

We enjoy working together

Our motto: ‘Together we create a smart city’. With partners we build concrete and smart solutions with all available data. To make it easier to report problems, by providing insight into the functioning of a city or by using sensors to perform better measurements. The urban issues are central and co-creation is the starting point.

Open job application

If you share our enthusiasm about our products and solutions and think you can be of value to Civity, we would love to hear from you. Mail us your motivation and CV. Or call + 31 30 697 32 86.

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