Professional Data Management with DataPlatform

DataPlatform is the basic facility for managing data and the steppingstone to data optimization and usage in applications. The platform revolves around structured and standardized conversion and storage of data.

The core functionalities of DataPLatform are:
– Transform and harvest data from all kinds of datasources into useful and downloadable data
– Publish data to all kinds of public services as well as Open Data trough a nice looking customizable Open Data Portal
– Use iOT data and real time sensordata within the platform, like Snifferbike

DataPlatform uses the open-source software CKAN. This is the most used software for open data environments worldwide. The CKAN environment within DataPlatform has been expanded with additional extensions such as DCAT, the Data Dictionary, Data Store (API), Data Quality control and GeoServer.

DataPlatform makes it possible to read any kind of file format (such as CSV, XLS (x), SHP, XML, WFS, PDF, GeoJSON, etc.). The platform supports multiple ways to automatically publish data, including Harvesting or using ETL tooling. DataPlatform provides access to available data via the open CKAN API. You can then provide Dashboards and Applications with data via the APIs.

DataPlatform includes the following features:

  • DCAT Data Model: Essential for achieving good findability and the correct description of available data
  • Data Dictionary: providing insight into the content of the data
  • GeoServer: a complete implementation for accessing geographic data
  • Statistics: gaining insight into usage and visitor statistics.

Getting more from available data

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