Organize available data with DataCatalog

DataCatalog is the solution to organize data management within the organization. Insight into metadata motivates data use and application, supporting your organization’s data driven approach and/or policy making.

DataCatalog provides insight into the ownership and management of the data and who uses the data for what purpose. It helps the data owners and managers to describe, maintain and visualize the data and information products in a structured manner. Within DataCatalog, separate data sources can be described, such as the available sports facilities, but also combined information products, such as a dashboard social domain.

The benefits of Civity’s DataCatalog

The DataCatalog of the City Innovation Platform understands the complexity that comes with Data Management. It offers the right components for easier and better management:

  • MetaData and keywords (DCAT MetaData)
  • Data definitions
  • Authorization and workflow
  • Identity management
  • Notifications and subscriptions
  • Linked data
  • Data quality control based on completion rating
  • Search and filter

Data offers advantages for your organisation

Does your organisation have to deal with data that you want to store and share in a standardised way? Interested in a demo? Civity likes to think along with you. Call +31 30 697 32 86 for an appointment. Or mail to

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