About Civity

About Civity

With our knowledge of local authorities, our understanding of urban processes, our belief in the power of networks and our passion for data, we contribute to the development of smart cities. Where data is at the service of smart applications that reduce operational costs, lead to sustainable solutions and improve services.

With a hands-on approach and based on extensive practical experience, Civity collects, stores and unlocks data from providers. We ensure that this data is safely and reliably available for innovative applications.

What do we offer?

Data infrastructure and logistics.

Civity has knowledge of data logistics and data management in the broadest sense. With the different modules of the ‘City Innovation Platform’ we offer a complete and integrated solution for all types of data, regardless of the provider or requester.

Officially ISO27001 certified

To secure our data, we use practical, transparent procedures. This structurally allows us to guarantee that the exchange of confidential information and personal data of all trading parties that are connected to our network meets the highest quality standards.


Would you like to work together on a smart city? Or would you like more information about the possibilities? A demonstration? We will be happy to help you.

You can reach us via info@civity.nl or by telephone on +31 30 697 32 86.

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