City Innovation Platform

The utility for data applications

With City Innovation Platform (CIP), Civity offers an integrated solution for data logistics and data management in the broadest sense. For companies, developers, journalists and residents. Our focus is on the city and all parties active there.

Optimal freedom of choice

Within CIP, we offer various modules that you can link up with each other:

  • CIP Open Data.
  • CIP Catalogue, the solution for putting data management in order within your own organization. It helps data owners and administrators to describe, maintain and visualize the data and information products in a structured way.
  • CIP Safe.
  • CIP IoT, such as Sniffer Bike sensors that send fine dust values and locations to the City Innovation Platform.
CIP dataplatform civity
CIP offers infrastructure and logistics for various applications..

The open City Innovation Platform

Civity takes care of the underlying infrastructure and logistics as a kind of utility. CIP is a generic, reusable solution, based on standards and open APIs. So that everyone can use it and connect to it.

A secure, future-proof base

CIP embraces the standards and open APIs:

  • the OGC Sensorthings API
  • the FIWARE datamodels
  • the TM Forum API-standards

In this area, Civity joins in with (inter)national agreements.

We are affiliated with the ARE Foundation, a European initiative to create an open innovation environment, and with TM Forum , an organisation that focuses on standards and open APIs for smart cities

The FIWARE Foundation is a European initiative to create an open innovation environment.
TM Forum is an organization that focuses on standards and open APIs for smart cities.

The sharing of data produced by objects, organisations and residents goes beyond the level of an individual city. Sharing is necessary to develop new services and applications.

CIP data logistics & management

Why do we want this? Smart city solutions are now often vertical solutions. For example, for measuring air quality. The solution consists of sensors, data storage and an app or dashboard. Such a solution for every urban issue leads to fragmentation and complicates an integrated approach.
The CIP is based on a ‘snap’ between the data and the applications with that data. It is our core business to collect, store and access this data securely. The provider of the data remains the owner of the data and therefore determines what happens to it and for whom it is available.

The main features of CIP are as follows

  • The Data Management Framework is the core of the City Innovation Platform. Here, the collection, processing and storage of data (if necessary) is regulated. Much attention is paid to data quality, common data models and tools for the storage of open, linked and big data.
  • Attention to the security and privacy of data is central. Access to data is guaranteed in our architecture and in the underlying procedures and recorded in a Data Governance Plan.

Open data offers advantages for your organisation

Would you like to get started quickly with open data in your organisation? Interested in a demo? Civity likes to collaborate with you. Call +31 30 697 32 86 for a meeting. Or mail to

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