Municipality of Velsen makes reporting public space easier with Smart Reporting

The case

The municipality of Velsen is a municipality with almost 68,000 inhabitants divided over several centres, including IJmuiden, Velsen, Driehuis and Santpoort. It is known for the blast furnaces of Tata Steel, but also for its beautiful nature and activity beach.

Gemeente-Velsen-gemeentehuis Slim Melden

As with most other municipalities, until recently residents were able to make a report about the public space via an online form. The municipality of Velsen wanted to make this easier and more efficient. That’s why they chose Slim Melden / Smart Reporting.

“Velsen is affiliated with Dimpact just like more than 30 other municipalities and Slim Melden had already proven itself with other Dimpact municipalities, such as Enschede and Groningen. It also fitted in best with the functional requirements we had”.

Pieter Ouwerkerk, information advisor Municipality of Velsen


Since October 2018 the inhabitants of the municipality of Velsen have been using Slim Melden. With a handy app, a report about the public space can be made easily and quickly. The report will be sent directly to the case system of the municipality of Velsen, with the correct categories. Because it links up with internal processes, it ensures efficient handling. And the reporter receives immediate feedback and insight into the status of a report..


Smart Reporting stimulates the involvement of residents. In the same period as last year, more than twice as many reports were received, while they were dealt with at the same time. This result was achieved partly because employees in the customer contact centre use exactly the same application. The reporting process is now completely transparent for the reporting agents. Soon, citizens will be able to see why some reports remain open for longer. In this way, the Municipality of Velsen hopes for a better service to the citizen. The municipality also has a clearer picture of what is going on in the public space thanks to the advanced dashboard that is part of Slim Melden.

“Smart Reporting helps to make the reporting process simpler and faster and thus increases the willingness to report to residents.”

Pieter Ouwerkerk, information advisor Municipality of Velsen


Wondering what Slim Reporting can do for your municipality? Would you like a demonstration? Please contact Civity at or call +31 30 697 32 86 for an appointment.

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