Future City Foundation

Civity is founding partner of Future City Foundation, the first smart city network that focuses on the demand of the city. A think tank for municipalities and other authorities to develop and experiment with their own solutions. Future City seeks answers by connecting urban planners and technology professionals.

Future City is an initiative of companies and governments that want to stimulate the exchange of knowledge, thoughts, ideas and solutions between technology professionals, administrators and urban planners. It organises events where these groups come into contact with each other. During these events, the social challenges are central and the groups come up with solutions together.


Future City has its own FIWARE Lab. The Future City Foundation is the first FIWARE iHub in the Netherlands and sits on the European Board of the FIWARE Foundation.

Together with companies and governments, we design the smart city

The Future City Foundation and 26 partners, including Civity, investigated how we should design the smart city. We think that the urban planning and the products that result from it are changing radically. Just like other industries. We want to understand how this happens, what opportunities it creates and what risks it entails.

Future City boek

The results of the research project can be found in a book ‘A smart city, this is how you do it’.
It also describes how we can get started and what examples already exist in the Netherlands.

You can request the English summary of the book via Future City Foundation. Digital reading is free of charge.

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