Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting is the solution for Public Space Reporting. An efficient reporting process using Open Data, that connects seamlessly with existing processes and the case management system.

Smart Reporting is in line with the process and working methods of your organisation and contributes to a clean, whole, safe and sustainable municipality.

Accessible and efficient

Citizens’ reports about the public sphere are very diverse. A broken bus shelter or lamppost, graffiti on a building, a bulging garbage container, noise pollution. Attentive citizens report this through a variety of channels: apps, web forms, telephone and e-mail.

In recent years, each municipality has therefore implemented its own (partial) solutions: processes and IT systems to register these reports, to deal with them or to pass them on to external parties.

Smart Reporting streamlines and routes citizens’ reports smartly and makes the handling in your municipality more efficient. This not only saves time but also money.

“In our constant search for smart solutions for service provision, we ended up at Smart Reporting. With this application, we make reporting about the public space easier by making better use of our own open data. A good example of win-win: easier for residents and more efficient for us.”

Corrine van Veldhuisen, Program manager Public service, municipality of Utrecht

Field app

The Field app is specifically designed for staff working in the field and solving issues that have been reported. This web application presents notifications on the map, making it easy to handle or sign off reports through placing a description and photograph while being at the designated location.

Clearly laid out

(Maintenance) planning, staffing, budgeting and policy for the maintenance of the public space are done at many municipalities on the basis of experience figures and key figures. Smart Reporting offers these data.

The advantages of Smart Reporting for your organisation

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How does Smart Reporting work?

Smart Reporting shows all relevant objects on the map, based on (open) data sources. Think for example of bus stops, public lighting or playground equipment. A reporter (resident, visitor, employee) can click directly on an object and does not have to fill in data of the object. The coordinates and other characteristics of the objects are known. Of course, you can also report at any location (graffiti, litter, etc.).

The notifications made via Smart Reporting can also be accessed as an open dataset on the City Innovation Platform. This completes the circle.

The advantages of Smart Reporting at a glance

No duplicate messages
Insight into existing notifications prevents multiple notifications on the same subject. Fewer calls save time and money and increase satisfaction.
Direct insight
Insight into KPI’s helps to achieve objectives. The dashboard of Smart Reporting provides insight into distribution, handling time and categories, among other things.
Correct routing of messages
By smart combining data, a report is always delivered to the right place. No unclear e-mails or notifications to the wrong party.
Smart use of data
Data on the locations of waste bins, lighting columns and underground containers make reporting easier. No unnecessary questions for the detector and complete reports for the manager.
Safe and reliable
A solution that connects securely with your business system and handles the data with care.
Web app
A web app, suitable for mobile and pc/laptop. For detectors and for customer contact centre.
Fully customizable
Choose your notification categories, report anonymously Y/N, datasets, photos and descriptions, house style and help texts. Your process is leading.
Focused on participation
Direct feedback on the status and possibility of voting makes residents more involved in their living environment.
Simple handling
Field staff or external parties can easily handle calls. You keep a grip on appointments and turnaround times.
Open API – one back office link
An open interface that can be used by any application. Maximum freedom of choice for the reporter. One connection to the case system. Integrity of all data guaranteed.

Users of Smart Reporting

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