CIP Safe

Control over the exchange of data

With CIP Safe, any organisation can safely exchange data with other parties. You determine exactly which data will be shared with whom and under which conditions. It supports concepts such as open, shared or closed data. Both with external parties, as well as for internal applications.

Data securely managed

Organisations have the need to share (sensitive) data with internal and external parties in a secure way. Such a party can be a municipality, a housing corporation or a youth care institution, but also a datascience company that carries out an analysis.

Use data intelligently

With the arrival of the new privacy regulations, it is more important than ever to keep a complete grip on your own data. At the same time, we live in a network society in which data sharing is of great importance for the efficient and successful implementation of organisational policy.
Because the owner of the data has full control, data can be shared in an effective and secure way and privacy is guaranteed throughout the entire process.

Advantages of CIP Safe

  • secure storage of privacy-sensitive or dangerous data.
  • ability to share part of the data based on a single source file.
  • make data available temporarily or within a specified period of time.

CIP Safe in practice

Take, for example, an event organised in the city. The municipality, emergency services, volunteer organisations, companies and residents all want insight. It must be prevented that multiple versions of files are sent and that parties receive data that is not intended for them. This is what CIP Safe is meant for.

Data ownership

CIP Catalogue covers all types of data: open and closed. The owner decides what is shared.

Civity can publish the data as open data on CIP Open Data / Data platform, so that the data is immediately available for reuse by new applications and solutions.

Data offers advantages for your organisation

Does your organisation have to deal with data that you want to store and share in a standardised way? Interested in a demo? Civity likes to think along with you. Call +31 30 697 32 86 for an appointment. Or mail to

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