CIP Open Data

CIP Open Data

All of your data in one place

CIP Open Data / Data Platform is the solution to manage, store and publish open data in a structured way, with the right metadata and aimed at external users. It is a solution that allows you to get started right away, start small and grow step by step.

The amount of data is growing exponentially. The management of this data is an ever-increasing task. At the same time, there is a growing demand for transparency, openness and participation.

Standardisation and open APIs

Standards are important and the data must be available in the national register ( You want to share knowledge with similar organisations and reuse existing solutions in a smart way

The basis for good findability is a correct description of the data. This is done via the metadata and keywords. CIP Open Data has implemented the DCAT standard for metadata. As a result, open data is automatically displayed on the national dutch register and the EU portal.

The result

  • Transparency to residents.
  • Space for innovative solutions.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Growing awareness of the possibilities offered by data for the development and implementation of policy (data-driven control).

“The amount of data in the municipality of Schiedam continues to increase and brings with it many opportunities. How do you make optimal use of it? With the help of CIP Open Data / Dataplatform, data-driven control is an increasingly natural starting point in our organization.”

Marlies van den Hende, Managing Director, municipality of Schiedam

CIP Open Data / data platform also for your organisation:

  • Quick start and a short implementation period.
  • A comprehensive solution at an attractive price.
  • Suitable for all types of static and real-time data.
  • Visibility in the national register ( without additional actions.
  • Modular and flexible structure that makes future growth and expansion with other building blocks/datasets of the City Innovation Platform easy.
  • A large community of more than 30 organizations willing to collaborate and share knowledge.
  • Based on open standards and connected to (inter)national initiatives.

CIP Open Data is based on CKAN. This is the most widely used software for open data environments worldwide. CIP Open Data has been extended with additional extensions for metadata, quality control, API disclosure and integration with GeoServer.

CIP Open Data can read and unlock any file format (such as CSV, XLS(x), SHP, XML, WFS, PDF, GeoJSON, etc.)

You’ll find more about open data on

Various modules

Within CIP, we offer various modules that you can link up with each other:

  • CIP Open Data.
  • CIP Catalogue, the solution for putting data management in order within your own organization. It helps data owners and administrators to describe, maintain and visualize the data and information products in a structured way.
  • CIP Safe.
  • CIP IoT, such as Sniffer Bike sensors that send fine dust values and locations to the City Innovation Platform.

Flexible starting, easy expansion

You can start with any module, depending on the level of the organisation.

  • So it is also possible to start with CIP Safe for example if you want to share data with others in a secure way.
  • If you first want to put the data in order internally, you can also start with CIP Catalogue. Because all building blocks are based on the same open technology, you can expand at any time.

Data offers advantages for your organisation

Do you also want to get started with data in your organisation? Interested in a demo? Civity likes to think along with you. Call +31 30 697 32 86 for an appointment. Or mail to

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